We are here to help you fix, repair, build or advise on anything computer or network related. If you answer yes to any of the following questions we can help.


Does your home or business need wireless or better cell phone service?

Is your computer/laptop running slow, not up-to-date on its service updates and virus protection?

Do you have a firewall to protect you from hackers?

Can your computers share files or printers with each other?

Having issues connecting a TV/Xbox/PlayStation/kindle/blu-ray to the internet?

Do you have a need for picture or video editing?

We can assist you with flyer creation, audio/video conversion.

Needing email service or a website? How about help creating a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn account.

Going to purchase a new computer/printer or software? We can help you determine what’s best for you.

Think you need some extra training on PC repair, applications (Office, Photoshop), networking? C.N.M. Tech. Solutions LLC can give you personalized training.

Needing a help desk for your office?  Give us a call.

If you need network wiring, security systems, or even a phone system, we have the partners to assist you with that too.

Farmington Computer Repair